I have always been active and assumed myself to be in decent shape… until I started this. I also have always just accepted that my metabolism was too high and gaining lean muscle was too much of a feat to achieve and still live my normal active life. The Fit2Mass program was so tailored and unique that it took a lot of the thinking effort off of my hands, and for the first time in my life, I was able to put on some significant weight while keeping the fat off.

In the last 12 weeks, I put on 17 Lbs. and I am in the best shape of my life. My body fat percentage didn’t change much either, staying just under 12 percent. The most difficult part of staying fit and keeping on weight, let alone good weight, in my life has been eating, eating consistent and eating well. This is an important part of gaining weight and the Fit2Mass program significantly improved my ability to eat. With each meal printed out and detailed for me seven days a week for the entire program, all I had to do was follow it. Along with meals, every workout was printed in detail and accompanied by a how-to video, making it difficult NOT to stay on track. Fit2Mass also made it easier for me to overcome my workout plateaus with the changes to the workouts every few weeks. That along with slight changes in muscle groups’ supersets was so helpful to me.  

Not to send the wrong impression, eating so consistently every day was tough, and the workouts themselves were even tougher, leaving me sore and in awesome pain regularly. This plan just made the things that many others as well as myself find difficult to overcome simplified. The last thing that helped, just as much as this excellently applied program, was the support along the way. Getting texts every so often to see how Fit2Mass was treating me kept me in check. Sometimes I can hide to myself that I skipped workouts or didn’t eat well that day, but I knew I couldn’t hide end results. Fit2Mass was great. Designed for those who may already be in decent shape, worked wonders for me who had a huge hill to climb. I have started over again and would recommend this to anyone looking to put on some good lean muscle.

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